About Me

Hey, my name is Isaac. I have been doing design and web application development work for over 15 years. I enjoy solving hard problems with code and love getting the job done. I have worked with various frameworks/libraries and languages; PHP, MySQL, CSS, Sass, Vuejs, Reactjs, WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel and Rails, just to name a few. I consider myself a full stack web application developer and can jump into a project and get quickly rooted. I’m highly motivated, deadline-driven and love to learn more about my field daily. I’m constantly reading, watching videos and tutorials and that's what I do just for fun! I’m a husband and a father, so in terms of provision and having great work ethic, that’s very important to me. I find it very fulfilling when a project has successfully been completed or when a full-on launch has deployed glitch-free. That’s just a little bit about me, but I would love to hear more about you and your project and how we can potentially work together. Email me (icemancast at gmail.com)

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