Lonestar PHP Conference Thoughts

The Lowdown

I got the opportunity to hang with fellow devs at the Lonestar PHP conference in Dallas, TX. How could I not like it, I drink Lonestars ;). Thank you Artisans Collaborative for sponsoring me, the new shirt is great! It was a quick 2-3 day conference that was different than any other conference I have been too. I got to hear from brilliant developers and see what are some new things coming to our field. I think the most interesting fact about the conference was the size of it. It was not a large conference and was split apart by only 5 large rooms for all the talks. But the best part about this was that every speaker was very approachable and along with the conference very down to earth. There was a sense of great community and you feel like you are among friends in a safe learning environment. Heck I got to take a pic with Taylor Otwell.

Pic with Taylor Otwell


Met another developer let’s call him Chris. I am only calling him Chris because I don’t know his last name so it’s not to hide is identity in any way. He shared the same feeling about the conference having been back several years in a row. “The feeling I get when I come back is that we are friends that just pickup where we left off. I come back every year”. I think I got that quote pretty close but can’t tell because we had both been drinking Omni’s Brew beer that was supplied at the conference. Oh my goodness was that delicious! Had the Spaceship Opertator most of the night.

Going back

So overall the conference was a great way to meet new friends, hang out and learn some crunch time information about the new tools to put in my arsenal. Will definitely be back to hang out 😃

Techy stuff

So here are the list of tech items that I am currently reading up on, youtube videos and the like:


Using redis.io as a service to offload application with messages. Why have I not been using this??!!


GraphQL as a sql language. Very neat to play with and would go well with the react native project I am currently working on.

Wordpress API

Wordpress’ new api endpoint http://v2.wp-api.org. I am not going to lie, kind of excited about this. Imagine creating a better front end for this?

MySql Tuner

Perl script mysql tuner. Way to better optimize your Mysql, a DBA suggested this. That is enough for me to trust it.


Breaking.New-Features.Bug-Fix semver.org. So confession, I don’t version well, I use github versioning all the time. I just don’t call my version names very well. That small example shown here and at the conference was a mind blown for me.

Unit Testing

Unit testing with Katas. Uhhhhmmm duh! Why haven’t I tried this!


Looking more into Docker. So I manage my own development and deployment environment with Vagrant and Ansible. But woah the stuff I have seen with docker is AMAZING! Already have been reading up on the docs and testing a local docker environment. Ask me how it’s going in the future.

Continous Integration

Continous integration. Another confession on something I haven’t quite wrapped my head around but looking forward to learning more on it. I have heard the term thrown around but never really took the time to learn it well.

There were so many talks and of course some talks were at the same time as others so it was hard to cover them all but going to be looking through the slides that were posted here: Joind In Schedule

Lonestar PHP Conference

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