Taking Rails Tutorial Again

So just last month I committed to helping teach a Ruby on Rails class. You have to understand that I started learning Ruby and Rails early this year (about January). I am following the idea that in order to grasp something really well then you have to teach it. For the Rails class we will be going through the Ruby On Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. This was the tutorial that I started with at the beginning of the year but only made it to chapter 7 then got too busy to continue. So making the commitment to teach has sealed my future to finishing this course. This time around I will not be copying and pasting but yet typing all script code by hand to commit most of it to memory. As far as my Ruby course I have 2 weeks to finish then will complete it :). The one out of many things that I want to pick up this time is test driven development. Wish me well in my journey!

Rails Tutorial Website